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Moon in the 4th House - The Moon of Benevolence & Belonging
Those born with their Moon in the 4th House are very concerned with establishing a family life and creating stability. They are innately generous and warm hearted people who are most protective of their loved ones. The Moon’s position here is very about keeping family traditions alive and staying true to their ancestry; they relate strongly to their childhood memories and spend a great deal of time dreaming in nostalgia.  These individuals feel at ease in the amongst their family environment and require a high degree of familiarity, security, and self-protection.  
Many people born under this position take an interest in probing their genealogy and family trees. They have a strong bond with their roots and heritage and will acumen in real estate or heirlooms. The Moon is the mother image and is usually associated with the females of the family - mother, aunts, sisters and the maternal line, and if aspects are favourable this person may benefit from an inheritances through women. The Moon in the 4th House can experience a constant change of residence and they tend to be drawn to the water. These individuals need to feel a sense of belonging and a feeling of being ‘needed’.
The Moon in the 4th House hold their childhood experiences and parental relationships to high regard. Moon in the 4th house is descriptive of a strong emotional bond with the father, where it is possible the relationship may be of  emotional, protective, unstable, or volatile and unreliable. Even late into their adult lives, early childhood and parents will have a great deal of impact of their choices and judgment. They tend to remain terminally co-dependent and will feel very incomplete without the absolute family structure. The core of the Moon in the 4th requires the other half-and they are forever in the search of the emotional security and intimacy they crave. 
The Moon here appreciate their privacy and have moods that are very sensitive to the environment. At times they can be reluctant to face up to reality-and can be quite moody and defensive if they feel unwell. Insecurity and instability can become troublesome features in their lifetime and their terminal need for emotional security can be overwhelming. 

Roberto Ferri, The Eternal Farewell

jessisish said: In your opinion, which sign would you deem the most unstable?


aries - unstable temper

taurus - unstable memory retention

gemini - unstable mental processes

cancer - unstable moods

leo - unstable self regard

virgo - unstable nervous system

libra - unstable views of the world

scorpio - unstable moods

sagittarius - unstable interpersonal responses

capricorn - unstable view of image

aquarius - unstable mental tangents

pisces - unstable sense of self

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