Astral Plane Sovereign.

Neptune ♆
  • Neptune in the 1st House: Delusional self image
  • Neptune in the 2nd House: Delusional about finance
  • Neptune in the 3rd House: Delusional in expression and thought
  • Neptune in the 4th House: Delusional about family
  • Neptune in the 5th House: Delusional about sex and pleasure
  • Neptune in the 6th House: Delusional about responsibility
  • Neptune in the 7th House: Delusional about relationships
  • Neptune in the 8th House: Delusional about the boundaries of life
  • Neptune in the 9th House: Delusional about belief
  • Neptune in the 10th House: Delusional about the future
  • Neptune in the 11th House: Delusional about friendship circles
  • Neptune in the 12th House: Delusional about God


People who think I don’t already “pick my battles” greatly underestimate the number of potential battles in my path on a daily basis.

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In Esoteric Astrology the Master DK explains that the Soul does battle in two signs: the first is Leo and the second is Scorpio. In Leo we battle for our individuality. In Scorpio we experience the final battle: for our very Soul. There is no going back.

Although cadent (3rd, 9th, 12th) houses are traditionally considered to be “weak”, the cadent houses are birthplaces of thought and the expression of a meaningful life as it is manifested through the midheaven and the tenth house has its seeds in the level of consciousness indicated by the ninth

Hall of the Ancients.
KPD, this is for your mom/my confidante. HBD, to an indomitably radiant Lioness with unrequited heart & tenacity. May every bird that defecates on your car in 5’o clock traffic, every scurvy spectator out to tune into any strifes you may brush up against, & every mirror & item littering your vanity counter you shatter out of outrage because you find out they are no longer in commission for a reboot of Ghostbusters due to Bill Murray smugly declining (& the actor who played Egon recently passing) deliver you formidable strength & that extra fuel to set this world ablaze & make it your compliant bitch.
I’m half child half ancient.
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